2010-01-28 - 07:52:25
To give you a better feeling in using QuickEditor Softpedia.com has just checked my software for viruses, spyware, adware and so on. Following you see the result of their test. You may click on the award-picture to see full certificate on Softpedia website.

Softpedia.com QuickEditor
2010-01-23 - 16:37:56
Today I got a few more awards for my software QuickEditor! Thank you so much for this great feedback - I didn't expect that!

If you also want to give me a feedback, please use my Feedback page.

Best Software 4 Download  Best Vista Download
X 64-bit Download  Top 4 Download
2010-01-22 - 07:16:12
In the last days I sent my QuickEditor program to a few freeware and download pages to publish. Some of them added my program to their download-repository like Freenet.de, Freeware.de, FreewareFiles.com.

This morning I got a mail from SoftSea.com, but I didn't submit QuickEditor to their page (as far as I can remember). I'm proud to annouce that SoftSea rated my QuickEditor as "very good"! I got the 4-stars award for QuickEditor! Thank you!

SoftSea Award 2010
2010-01-18 - 16:11:30
Again the included update-engine has been improved. Now there is an integrated downloader for the update-setup. You don't need to manually download the new version, QuickEditor will do this for you.
Also there is a small message-box included now, which will be shown on the first program-start only. The information included in this message-box should make the first usage of QuickEditor easier.

You can download the new version in Downloads section.