2013-05-19 - 17:02:07
The QuickEditor software is now part of the german most popular software collection called "Software Kollektion 2013" of the magazin c't. QuickEditor was released on DVD together with c't magazin edition 6/13 in Feburary 2013. It is now also flagged as part of the "Software Kollektion 2013" in the heise.de download area. Thanks heise and also thanks to my users!

2013-02-09 - 19:52:54
I just finished my new version of QuickEditor to be released but I'm currently having some issues with building an installer for QuickEditor. The issue is related to an installation on a Windows 2000 client. The automatic installation of prerequisites (hotfixes and .net Framework 2.0) is not working properly at the moment. The next days I have to take a deeper look into that issues and I hope I'm able to fix this. If not Windows 2000 users would have to manually install .net Framework 2.0 before installing QuickEditor. I'll keep you up to date.

QuickEditor - A small, quick and everytime accessible notepad
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