What is QuickEditor?
QuickEditor is a free, small and light-weight notepad which is always ready for your input. If you do not need QuickEditor, it will hide itself in the left or right "screen-frame" and will stay there until you move your mouse-cursor to the left/right side of your screen. Then QuickEditor will instantly pop-up and is ready for your input. QuickEditor is designed to run always in the background and if you instantly need a place to put information in, you can use QuickEditor. Please also refer to the full Feature list.

Is QuickEditor free?
Yes! QuickEditor is absolutely free - no Shareware, no advertisements, no malware, no spyware, it is Freeware- also for commercial use!

Why use QuickEditor instead of Notepad or something else?

Notepad is nice, but you always have to manually start it, if you need a place to put information in. So Notepad should be always started which also means that it is visible in the windows taskbar. It makes not really a sense to keep notepad always started because you don’t need it the whole day. But if you need it, it’s not started - for sure :-). QuickEditor is different. QuickEditor started once on system-startup is always ready for your information. It is always on-standby "inside" the left or right "screen-border". You just have to move your mouse-cursor to the left/right side of the screen and QuickEditor is instantly visible and has the focus to grab your information. If you don’t need QuickEditor it’s absolutely invisible - no taskbar icon and no visible window.

Much more than just a simple editor...
For a full feature list please have a look on the Features page, but just to tell you a few here. QuickEditor is taking care of your stored information. Are you afraid of losing data or overwriting data? No problem with QuickEditor. There are a few backup-strategies implemented to ensure highly security for your information. In some cases it is really good to have something printed out... Thats not a problem for QuickEditor. A "standard" editor like Microsoft Notepad offers one text field to enter some information - for some people this might be enough. QuickEditor offers a tabbed system like you know it from Firefox, Internet Explorer or something else. In this tabbed system you can open as much tabs (including text fields for your information) as you want to have. There is no limit!

QuickEditor Opened
QuickEditor main-window.
Please click on picture to see bigger version.
Have a look on Screenshots page for more...

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