Following a feature-list of the most recent QuickEditor version:
  • Auto-hide into "left/right monitor-frame" if not used
  • Auto-hide timeout abjustable
  • Auto-restore on moving cursor to the left/right screen border
  • Tab support
  • QuickEditor location (left/right) configurable in settings
  • Add unlimited amout of tabs for unlimited content
  • Remove tabs
  • Rearrange tabs by drag&drop
  • Individual tab titles
  • Search in one/all tabs for a keyword
  • Easily print contents
  • Powerful context-menu (available on right-click)
  • Use transparency for QuickEditor main-window
  • Automatic size-adjustion of QuickEditor main-window
    (depends on your personal screen-resolution)
  • Define transparency for main-window
  • Quickjump to a specific tab
  • Choose your own font (style, size, font) for content-textfields
  • Auto content-backup on program start
  • Create manual content-backup
  • Individual content and backup directory
  • Opening timeout definable
  • Resizable window
  • Force QuickEditor to stay open
  • Minimize to tray functionality
  • Automatic check for updates on program start if internet-connection is available
  • Notification and automatic update-loader, if program update is available
  • Shortcuts to instantly perform actions (e.g. Create new tab)
  • Content is stored in your personal documents folder by default
... and many more. Try QuickEditor and explore the advantages by yourself!

QuickEditor - Features
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