2010-02-09 - 07:21:32
Since 16th of January 2010 my QuickEditor is released and it's published on many software-webseites so more and more peoples are using it. Thanks for your great feedback so far, but special thanks goes to these peoples contacting me with feature requests.

The upcoming version will include features like searching or an opening timeout to prevent opening QuickEditor by mistake (by touching left screen-border with mouse-cursor). In the next version you will be able to define a timeout how long the mouse-cursor has to stay at the left screen-border to open QuickEditor. Also QuickEditor window will be resizable! All new features listed on Changelog-page.

As you can see there are a lot of new features and improvements in the upcoming version, so stay tuned - release coming soon!

QuickEditor - A small, quick and everytime accessible notepad
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