2012-11-22 - 16:11:30
Kay (a user of QuickEditor) informed me that QuickEditor is not working properly on a Windows 8 computer. I just installed Windows 8 on a test machine and checked the compatibility on my own. In general QuickEditor is running but it may happen that the QuickEditor window itself does not open completely or is invisible. Pretty strange thing! The good news is, I already fixed that issue in an internal beta version. In the meantime I extended my beta tests together with Kay. If there are other persons out there interested to test the beta version please drop me a email and I'll send you the latest development snapshot.

Please stay tuned! QuickEditor is working on Windows 8 but not fully compatible yet. The next days I will keep working on finalizing a new fully compatible version of QuickEditor.

Thanks so far for using and enjoying QuickEditor!