2011-09-26 - 07:46:14
I got really a lot of request and questions on how to put QuickEditor window on the right side of the screen. Currently QuickEditor is optimized for the left screen border (because I prefer that way to use QuickEditor). But in the meantime QuickEditor is used by so many people; btw. thanks to you all; and now I have to put some work into that topic.

So the next days I will develop an option to put QuickEditor on the right side of the screen. I hope you will enjoy this new functionality.

I also got a few other feature reuqests which I also gonna implement with the next update - for example a possibility to choose content path on your own or an option to disable green QuickEditor arrow on application startup. Please refer to the changelog page to see all planned features.

So please be patient again for the next release. Of course QuickEditor will stay free to use!